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why can’t mosquitos suck out my fat instead

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I’m in my fucking feelings

I guess the reason why I avoided all these senior year party festivities is because I did it all sophomore year. I know the Adventurous feeling of being out late, drinking, smoking, and cautiously driving to protect your life and others.
I have had all that fun, hot boxes, beer pong, rounds of marijuana and those other “makes you feel good” enhancements.

But through these two years I’ve changed. I’ve gone from naive to perhaps “grown”
Others use parties as an excuse to turn up, but I’ve done it with an empty house, myself, and an empty bottle of alcohol all to myself. They use parties as an excuse to run away from their troubles, just as I did.

I know better now, I am better now, I am becoming better now.
However, I do not judge those who choose those festivities because I once felt what they felt. We all gotta make it through somehow.
Although pain changes us, for better OR worse, what I’m saying is… Let it make you better, not bitter.