Client rants

So I basically have two clients who are my first clients: my gf and an acquaintance.
I’m new to macro coaching for other people and let me say it’s difficult as fuck.
But the thing is they’re not even following the outline I have for them.
Honestly it comes down to how bad they want to lose weight and at least I can move on knowing I did everything I could.

Fitness frustrations

An acquaintance of mine approached me in regards to meal plans and workout plans… Trying to cut down about 50-70 lbs but my concern is
1) his eating frequency

2) doesnt cook (not sure if he knows how)

3) not sure if he has the budget and most likely relying on parents for money

and so this circumstance is difficult lol plus im not sure he has a regular training split…
So I have resulted in
1) “IIFYM” (If It Fits Your Macros)
2)Counting calories instead of tracking every single gram of carb-fat-protein.

To think I am losing study time over this lol.
Lets see how this works.


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